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Getting More Birds In Your Garden

I've been trying to determine the best way to attract more birds, peeking through every nook and cranny of my garden for clues about what attracts the birds I want. By eyeballing it, I can see that they like the fuschias and love catching insects, but I want a more in-depth look at the balance of flora and fauna. Could my garden be even more lively if I learned more about both? I think the answer is yes, but I'm lacking in the information to make some clear tactical decisions.

My website feels very much the same as my garden. I eyeball it and see that I have a call to action and attractive visual elements, and I see some opportunities to make it better. But is that all there is? Would a more in-depth look at my customer improve my website’s value? Would more information sharpen my marketing strategy?

I want to attract more birds, hummingbirds specifically, but I don't want to commit to buying tons of sugar and filling the containers on a daily or weekly basis. That's too much work, and a lot of expense to increase the number of birds in my backyard. I'd like to do it more naturally and in sync with plant blooming cycles.

Similarly with my business website, I don’t want to spend a lot of time on blogging or money on Facebook ads when I’ve got a lot invested already. I’d like to leverage what I’ve got to make it work better. I feel like I’m in a good position and just need to make some improvements to the overall environment.

I’m cutting back some tree branches to let more light into the shadier parts of the garden. Plants as much as birds love light. I've also learned to test the soil’s chemical composition to maintain balanced nutrients in the soil for plants to thrive and bloom. Blooms attract hummingbirds, especially red blooms!

I need to test my website environment too. So much goes into an online marketing environment, it’s as complex as the soil in my garden. Just as I would test the soil for acidity and PH for sensitive plants, I want to run some standards tests on my website to optimize the user experience. The standout tests include web industry standards (W3C), speed, search engine optimization (SEO), and mobile-friendly performance. All of these affect the quality of a site visitor’s experience and my ability to attract customers.

Once you have the big picture, you can take informed action. Set yourself some goals, get more birds, get more leads and opportunities in your pipeline!

For a strategy consultation to help you evaluate your technology toolset and make strategic decisions and improvements, submit a consultation request. We’ll help you make clear tactical decisions to attract more customers.

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Tuesday, 15 June 2021

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