Gold Support Package

For regular maintenance, tech support, and help with special projects and updates, the Gold Maintenance Package includes:

  • Scheduled monthly data backups: You choose the frequency. We make sure it happens.
  • Hack-attempt monitoring and blocking: Some sites need a little extra support.
  • Five and a half flexible hours monthly maintenance assistance: Get support developing website revisions like adding images, moving pages, and staging marketing experiments. Be prepared for major surprises like hack removals and system updates, and get help with minor maintenance issues such as formatting edits, adding content, security patches, and broken link fixes.
  • Choose a monthly maintenance day for your flexible time: On your day, we perform any special tasks that need attention.
  • One hour monthly phone support: Get personalized assistance and training to help you make the most of your website. If you have employees, we can use this time to provide training.

Maintenance Packages