Web Revamp, Inc. founder Bernard Arias brings an architect’s eye for design and detail to every website he orchestrates.

Always “the most technically savvy person” in the workplace in his early career, Bernard was naturally drawn to new Web technology. With many years of experience and training in architecture and computer science at UC Berkeley, he built his first website in 1993 for the San Francisco International Airport Museum.

Bernard has been interested in art ever since he was a child growing up in the Central Valley of California, where his first job was picking grapes. He recalls, in his earliest memory as an artist, drawing colorful pictures inspired by flowers embroidered on a family quilt. He studied architecture at UC Berkeley with a practical goal in mind: to design his dream house, which he did in 2005. He lives there still, in San Francisco’s Castro neighborhood, with his husband, John.

Bernard Arias
President & CEO
Web Revamp, Inc.